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The Process of Painting

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Commercial & Residential Painters Reno

Here at Radcliffe Painting, our goal is to give you the best finished product by taking the proper steps and only using the best materials. Although you may think painting a space is as easy as just getting the paint on the walls, there is a whole list of things that should be done before the paint is even applied. Here is some step-by-step information about the process:
  • For example, the proper steps to painting the exterior of a home is to first power wash the house. Make sure to remove all the dirt and loose paint so it’s a clean surface for the best application of fresh paint.
  • Next is to scrape the remaining loose paint chips and sand any and all non-smooth wood.
  • Then we caulk and seal all split or cracked areas of the home, and any bare wood will be spot primed with a special primer sealer.
  • Lastly, before the paint is applied, we mask and protect all the surroundings of the house – Including concrete rocks, decks, windows, etc.
Although it may seem like an easy or simple process, the steps we as painters make before even applying paint is what creates a lasting and beautiful end result. We hope that in reading these simple steps, that you will be more comfortable with the process.